PageSuite Partner with Flipp to Serve Digital Circulars within e-Editions

9 May 2023
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Lucy Penn

Sales & Marketing Director


PageSuite and Flipp collaborated on a recent project for Dallas Morning News to include digital circulars within articles across their e-Edition to help drive ad revenue and pass retail savings onto their subscribers.

25.05.23, Kent, UK; By partnering with Flipp, PageSuite can now offer publishers the ability to serve retail or coupon-style experiences within the article view on their Edition product. This enables publishers to generate more advertising revenue from their e-Edition, whilst providing targeted ads to a local audience. This initiative, implemented by Dallas Morning News, leverages the high audience engagement levels typically seen within an e-edition, with a location-based ad product to deliver an increase in yield.

Dwight Wilhelm, Senior Sales Director at Dallas Morning News revealed that “…we’ve more than doubled our Flipp daily revenue we had coming from them prior. Historically, we had their unit enabled across all our mobile web-based pages. By just adding them to the article level of our ePaper, we’ve seen a considerable bump”.

A decline in print means many retailers struggle to reach people where they live and shop. Targeted digital circulars within e-editions provide another outlet for retailers looking to target a specific audience.

“We’re proud and excited to partner with PageSuite and top newspapers to drive consumption of digital circulars and other local savings content for the largest retailers in the country. Our partnership highlights the importance of local news pairing well with local shopping. Collectively, we’re enabling retailers to share their weekly promotions with shoppers, while also enhancing accessibility for the shoppers”, said Logan Salsberg Head of New Business & Partnerships at Flipp.

“We work extremely closely with our clients and are always looking for new ways to help them drive revenue and monetize their digital editions. We’re delighted to partner with Flipp and integrate their ads into The Dallas Morning News e-edition and hope to offer this solution to other clients in the coming months”, said Ross Murphy, CEO at PageSuite .

About Flipp
Founded in 2007, Flipp is a retail technology platform that is reinventing the way people plan their weekly shopping trip. The largest retailers and brands in North America use Flipp’s Shopper Consideration Platform to create, curate and distribute merchandised savings content to millions of highly-engaged shoppers every day. Millions of shoppers across North America use Flipp as their primary weekly shopping tool to decide what to buy and where to buy. On average, Flipp helps shoppers save $45 on their weekly groceries, home improvement goods, electronics, pharmacy, apparel, pets supplies and more. For more information, visit and follow @getflipp on social media.

About PageSuite
PageSuite provides market-leading digital solutions that enable publishers to maximize the value of their content on multiple platforms. PageSuite’s products are trusted by hundreds of publishers worldwide to transform their content into engaging digital experiences within a native app or across the web.


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