Processing an Edition

Quick Schedule

  1. If you would like your edition to start processing as soon as possible, select the option ‘schedule x files ASAP’
  2. This will then show you the date and time that your edition is set to process.
  3. When you refresh the screen you will see the processing status bar.
  4. If you added your email earlier as the main point of contact for the publication (when you created the publication), you will also receive an email when the PDF has finished processing.

Quick Schedule


  1. If you would like to specify a date and time when you would like the edition to start processing, select ‘schedule edition’.
  2. Use the calendar to choose which day you would like to schedule your edition for processing. Available times will be highlighted in yellow.
  3. The schedule details will display on the edition information page and a status bar will appear at the schedule time to show the status of your edition.
  4. A thumbnail of the publication cover will appear when an edition has finished processing. Click on the cover to view your edition.
  5. Once the edition has finished processing you will see the page thumbnails. You can click on these to launch the edition.

Schedule an Edition

edition schedule 2